Monday, 31 October 2011

My very first post!

As I am new to all this I just wanted to start with one of my favourite products I couldn't live without! Like most girls in their early twenties I am unfortunately still prone to the occasional outbreak (when it will stop I will never know!) Without a doubt I always turn to my trusty Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which I find when slathering a generous amount over the area before bed pretty much clears it up by morning. At £25 for a tube it can seem quite expensive but this is a product I swear by having been recommended it by a colleague when I was 15 and perhaps at my most hormonal stage!  Saying that, a tube usually lasts me around a year and can be used for things other than blemishes - keeping stray hairs on your brows in place, soothing chapped lips in the colder winter months, soothing burns, dry skin, treating dry cuticles, the list is endless! Without a doubt this is definitely a product I recommend anyone to invest in and usually can be found in not only the original tubes but cute limited edition tubs from retailers such as Boots and Debenhams

After writing that I have to say my first blog wasn't as daunting as I first thought!Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

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