Friday, 11 November 2011

Nails Inc - Mini Magnetic Manicure - Bargain!

So I've been hearing a lot about these revolutionary 'Magnetic Nails' over the past few weeks and yesterday finally checked into the Nails Inc site to get a cheeky look! I had to buy a colleague a gift who like me adores beauty products and has a particular love of looking after her nails. After watching the video online and creating a buzz with all the other women in the office I visited Selfridges in the Trafford Centre and bought her the Houses of Parliament polish, which might I add, she was over the moon with and couldn't wait to get home to try it out! Whilst on the subject we also bought her an Estee Lauder Double Wear gift set at the bargain price of £22, great Christmas gift!

So anyway, back to the manicure! Whilst I was there I noticed Nails Inc are currently offering a Mini Magnetic Manicure for just £5, a saving of £12.50, amazing! The mini manicure was great, not only did the nail technician show me how to use the magnetic polish she asked me any problems I felt I had with my nails and showed me which Nails Inc products could help, to which I have added the Weak, Peeling and Bendy Nail Treatment Pack to my Christmas wish list!

To be honest I couldn't believe how it easy it is to do, Vanessa the nail technician did the usually filing, base coat, first coat etc and then one by one she applied a second coat after which placing the magnet over the nail (not touching) for about 2 seconds and that was it!

It's day two and the varnish is still in tack which I'm over the moon about as my nails have a tendency to peel at the top. The magnetic nail varnishes are available in three colours - Trafalger Square, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben for £13, I was told more colours will be available in time. I'd definitely recommend booking yourself in for one as £5 is a bargain for any manicure never mind a Nails Inc one! Hurry though, they're only available until 11th December, I've already booked my next one!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Eylure Naturalites 107 vs. No.7 Extravagent Lash

I never go on a night out without my trusty Eylure Naturalites False Eyelashes 107, however last week I noticed No.7 had brought out their own range of lashes and seen as though I had a £5 No.7 voucher I thought I would give them a try, especially as I would only have to pay £2.50! The sales assistant was really enthusiastic towards them which made me even more intrigued to try them out.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement, the glue used to secure the lashes to the plastic casing in the box was so strong that as I peeled them away all shape was lost and rather than having a nice curl, the lashes were sticking out in all different directions. Trying to salvage and re-shape them, I applied the clear adhesive but I couldn't really see where it was going so it took slightly longer than I would normally expect to apply false lashes. Eventually, I managed to secure each of the lashes in place but it just didn't look right, purchasing the 60 Extravagant Lash I was hoping for a really dramatic effect for Halloween but this was just not the case. My eyes looked as if I had just applied lashings of Mascara - there wasn't much length at all!  

The lashes I normally wear retail at £5.25 and can be re-used 2-3 times depending on how much mascara I add, they're really easy to use, last all night and can be applied in seconds!! I think this has made me realise just how good Eylure lashes are!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tangle Teezer Vs. Halloween Hair

So this week I went to a friend's Halloween/House Warming and to create a more dramatic effect crimped AND back combed my hair... I soon regretted it the morning after with numerous knots throughout. No better time to put the award winning Tangle Teezer to the ultimate test... Halloween Hair! I'd previously seen this product being demonstrated on a dolls head in Hamley's but didn't really buy into it, but when I saw it was 3for2 in Boots a few weeks ago I thought I might as well give it a try!

I have the original in 'Tangerine Scream' which retails at about £10.20, other versions include a Compact Styler and a Flower Pot which does exactly the same job but appeals to a much younger market, perfect for little girls who don't like to have their hair brushed. I wouldn't say it was totally pain free when brushing out the knots, but it definitely hurt less than other brushes I had used in the past! I was however quite amazed at how quickly the knots disappeared, after a bit of research I'm lead to believe the brush is better than others due to its ergonomic design which allows firmer pressure to target the area. It can be used on both wet and dry hair which also ticks a box for me as it is usually advised not to use a brush on wet hair. Other selling points include its compatibility with hair extensions, smoothing of hair cuticles to prevent damage and spreading conditioner evenly.

If you're still slightly skeptical like I was and think the usual 'its too good to be true' you should check out their website where you can see the Tangle Teezer in action. You cannot ignore how it has taken the beauty industry by storm with a wide array of awards including a Grazia Best in Beauty and a Cosmopolitan 2010 Beauty Award, I definitely recommend to those who like to use a bit of back combing to provide extra volume and lift!